Implement Your Project

When the grantor informs the college that your proposal is approved for funding, the Grants Office will schedule a "Launch Meeting" with the Dean, Project Manager and Business Office to celebrate and review:

  1. The grant objectives, reporting requirements, and other commitments related to the award.
  2. The Post Award Checklist (pdf), which outlines the steps that the Department must take to set up and monitor the grant budgets, comply with Time & Effort Requirements for employees paid with federal funds, and ensure that the college bills the grantor in a timely and accurate way.
  3. The Grant Manager's Agreement (pdf), which clarifies the responsibilities of the Department for budget and program management.
  4. Areas where the Department may need additional support from the Grants Office or Business Office, such as setting up subcontracts with partnering organizations, or purchasing equipment.

The Grants Office will set up a schedule for periodic review of grant progress throughout the life of the project, and will work with the Project Manager to close out the grant.

The following links may be helpful to you in successfully implementing your projects:

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