Program Review Committee

The PRC is a standing faculty committee that serves at the request of the Vice President for Instruction. Composed entirely of faculty members, this committee fosters curriculum development and encourages faculty participation in program planning and maintenance of academic standards, primarily through program reviews and course reviews.

Program Review Committee Goals

  • Promote student success through curriculum improvement.
  • Develop relevant content for students and industry.
  • Implement self-reflective process.
  • Ensure effective assessment practice.
  • Support peer professional development.

The Program Review Committee will

  • Review programs and their curricula on a four-year cycle.
  • Alternate coordinating responsibility for program reviews.
  • Read and respond to curriculum reports and materials, including PAVS, course outlines, syllabi, and assessment reports.
  • Produce review reports and recommendations.
  • Define "programs" to ensure that the review process is efficient and meaningful in relationship to college-wide and program or degree learning outcomes.
  • Determine if course-level learning outcomes are in alignment with the appropriate program and college-wide learning outcomes.
  • Promote faculty conversations about curriculum.
  • Foster collaboration among programs.
  • Suggest new solutions to challenges.
  • Work with Instructional Assessment Committee to strengthen assessment practice and reporting.

Program Review Committee Membership

Faculty representatives from each academic division are recommended by the Dean or administrator. PRC members serve a three-year term.

2019 – 2020 Roster

  • PRC Chair - Marina Halverson
  • Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences (2 - 3)
    1. Arts & Creative Academy - vacant
    2. Humanities - Laurie Kempen
    3. Social Sciences - Douglas Cole
  • Healthcare and Human Services (2)
    1. Behavioral and Human Services - vacant
    2. Allied Health - Jen Clark
  • STEM (2 - 3)
    1. Science - Lauren Yasuda
    2. Math - Felice Tiu
    3. Business/IT - Stanislava Meredith
  • Library (1) - Alyssa Jocson-Porter
  • Basic and Transitional Studies (2)
    1. Elaine Ong
    2. vacant
  • SCIE - Heather Anderson
  • Nursing (1) - vacant
  • Workforce Programs (1) (Maritime, Culinary, and Wood Technology) - vacant

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