Program Review Committee

The PRC is a standing faculty committee that serves at the request of the Vice President for Instruction. Composed entirely of faculty members, this committee fosters curriculum development and encourages faculty participation in program planning and maintenance of academic standards, primarily through program reviews and course reviews.

Program Review Committee Goals

  • Promote student success through curriculum improvement.
  • Develop relevant content for students and industry.
  • Implement self-reflective process.
  • Ensure effective assessment practice.
  • Support peer professional development.

Purpose of Program Review

Program Review involves a discussion among colleagues about programmatic changes, progress, and needs. This is not an evaluative process. Rather, it is an opportunity to connect with colleagues to reflect on shared work and plan next steps. 

The Program Assessment and Review Committee developed this process for faculty to: 

  • Document achievements and curricular changes 
  • Engage in reflective discussions 
  • Communicate needs and changes with other constituents 
  • Consider how we are reaching these goals in Seattle Central College’s Operational Plan
    • Reinforce a culture that supports anti-bias, anti-racist curricula and pedagogy 
    • Continually assess programs, curricula, and course offerings to ensure that they are high-quality and meet students’ academic and career goals 
    • Facilitate internal partnerships to promote employee collaboration and increase positive outcomes for students  

Program Review Committee Membership

Faculty representatives from each academic division are recommended by the Dean or administrator. PRC members typically serve a three-year term.

The PRC and IAC joined together in 2020 to reimagine the college's assessment and program review processes. The committees will continue to work together during the 2022 - 2023 academic year. To get involved, please contact the committee chairs, Elaine Ong and Alyssa Jocson Porter.


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