Organizational Structure

Org chart for pathways


2019-2020 Seattle Pathways Guiding Team Members

Sheila Edwards Lange, President
Bradley Lane, Vice President of Instruction
Yoshiko Harden, Vice President of Student Services
Valerie Hunt, Associate Vice President of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 
Lincoln Ferris, Interim Vice President of Administrative Services 
Jessica Norouzi, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships
Naina Eshwar, Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Roberto Bonaccorso, Director of Communications 
Scott Rixon, Director of Human Resources
Kao LeZeheo, Dean of Student Success 
Diane Coleman, Dean of Enrollment Services 
Ricardo Leyva-Puebla, Dean of Student Development 
Kimberly Mcrae, Full-time Faculty Counselor 
Kayoko Mathews, Interim Director of Advising
Angela Blodgett, Associated Student Council Executive of Student Success 
Robin Mueller, Program Specialist Career Exploration Center
Dave Roseberry, Director of International Admissions
Chris Sullivan, Executive Dean of Workforce 
Barry Robinson, Executive Dean of Healthcare and Human Services 
Lynn Kanne, Dean of Library Services, E-learning, and Employee Development 
Wendy Rockhill, Dean of STEM-B
Melana Yanos, Interim Associate Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Sharon Spence-Wilcox, Full-time Faculty Librarian
Kate Krieg, Executive Director of Pathways Initiatives (Facilitator, Non-voting member)
Zahra Alavi, Interim Dean of Basic and Transitional Studies 
Anna Jacobs, Full-time Faculty Math 
Peggy Martin-Waters, Full-time Faculty Social and Human Services 
Helena Ribeiro, Full-time Faculty English 
Carlos Sibaja, Full-time Faculty Institute of English 

2019-2020 Pathways Work Group Leads

Directed Self Placement in English
Kaitlin McClanahan, Full-Time Faculty English 
Erin Steinke, Full-Time Faculty English

College Skills Course
Bryson Walb, Full-Time Faculty Counselor
Sharon Spence-Wilcox, Full-time Faculty Librarian

Exploratory Mapping
Jacqueline George, Full-Time Faculty Basic and Transitional Studies 
Helena Ribeiro, Full-Time Faculty English 
Veronica Villarreal, Program Coordinator First Year and Career Exploration Center

Intake and Onboarding
Kimberly Mcrae, Full-Time Faculty Counselor

Evan Aho, Program Advisor International Programs 
Kayoko Mathews, Interim Director of Advising