Seattle Pathways

Welcome to Seattle Centrals College's Seattle Pathways page.

Seattle Pathways is the name of our college's effort to institute the Guided Pathways higher education reform, a regional and national movement to make it easier, faster, and more efficient for students to pick and complete a degree or program and pursue rewarding careers. It relies on four foundational pillars: 

  • Clarifying the path for students
  • Helping students to choose and enter a path
  • Helping students to stay on the path
  • Ensuring that students are learning

The reason why so many colleges are adopting the Guided Pathways approach is simple: many of the students who attend our schools do not complete their programs. This reality disproportionally affects students of color, first generation students, and students from historically underrepresented communities. 

Seattle Central College is committed to using Seattle Pathways as a vehicle to accomplish our equity goals. The Seattle Pathways mission statement addresses these inequities directly:

Seattle Pathways is a coordinated effort to connect every student to the best educational program for their needs, strengths, and aspirations. Seattle Central College will achieve those results by giving students clear options, providing timely support and guidance, and assessing student and institutional performance. Attendant to this is the commitment to generating and sustaining an environment of wellness, belonging, and well-being—all factors that are critical to student performance and success in and beyond the classroom and the college. 

The ultimate goal of this effort is to dismantle systems that perpetuate racial and social inequity, using inclusive evidence-based practices that promote equity and institutional transformation. 

The Washington State Guided Pathways Advisory Council states that Pathways work “[...] requires urgent, radical, equity-minded, transformational organizational change.” 

The Guided Pathways approach has been championed by the American Association of Community Colleges and by the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges.

Our president, Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange, explains Seattle Central College's goals and approach to Seattle Pathways in this video:

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