Gain Institutional Support

Before the grant proposal is submitted, you must complete the Request to Apply for External Funding (pdf). District Procedure 670 ensures that all relevant parties have an opportunity to review and comment on the proposal before President Sheila Edwards Lange considers it for final approval. 

Here are the required steps to complete the request to apply for external funding:

  1. Discuss with Impacted Departments. To get started, identify the departments that will be involved or impacted by the project. Discuss the project with the appropriate staff and faculty from the department(s) and get their comments; the final project design should reflect their feedback.
  2. Obtain Required Approval and Signatures. The next step is for both the project director/primary investigator and dean to sign off on the project. These signatures confirm that you have consulted with and received input from relevant departments, that the sponsoring department has the capacity to implement the project if funded, and that the dean has thoroughly reviewed the project budget, design and outcomes. Now your request is ready to go to the college administration for review and presidential approval. By this time, you should have a final draft proposal and budget to attach to the request form. The director of grants will facilitate this step, but be sure to allow at least two (2) weeks before the submission deadline to ensure your grant proposal is submitted on time.
  3. Coordinate with Grants Office for Grant Submission. After the president approves the grant, the project director/primary investigator must coordinate with the director of grants to submit the grant proposal to the funder on behalf of the college.

Contact the Grants Office for guidance and support in the process.

Stephanie Wong
Director of Grants and Strategic Initiatives

If your grant is successful, congratulations! Visit the Implement Your Project page for information and resources to ensure smooth sailing in the post‐award stage.