American Sign Language (ASL)

If you desire to be placed in a specific ASL class, you may contact the Testing Center | Seattle Central College for ASL Placement Testing. 

If you have any further inquiries, please contact the ASL/Deaf Studies program department for alternatives, or the instructor for the specific class in which you are interested:

World Languages: ASL/Deaf Studies

What is the purpose of this test? 

This assessment tool is designed for individuals who have previously learned some American Sign Language (from courses, from having contact with deaf people, etc.) and would like to enroll in ASL course above the ASL 121 level.  

The purpose of the assessment is not to dictate to students which ASL class they should enroll into, but rather to help the ASL faculty advise application as to their readiness for a particular ASL course. If the faculty believes that an applicant is ready for a particular level of ASL, but the applicants prefer to enroll in a higher level of course, the applicant may still enroll with the permission of the instructor of that course.  

If you have learned ASL from any other courses or contact with deaf people, this assessment is recommended so that you can be advised on which course to enroll into. If you would like additional information or have questions before taking this assessment please contact the Testing Center.


  • You have completed a 5-credit course ASL course at any Washington State Community Technical College with a 2.0 grade or better.
  • You have received ASL college credit vias the Tech-Prep program at your high school, 
  • You have completed a credentialed ASL course at any four year university or college.

If you meet these conditions, then simply bring your transcripts with you to registration. You do not need this assessment.  

How can I take the test? 

You will need to contact the Testing Center to schedule a testing time and to get information on how to prepare.

What is the test like? 

Once you arrive at the testing center, they will provide you a short list of topics, and you will create a short 3-5 minute video of yourself signing.  You may take some time to plan out your answers to take notes, then the Testing staff will assist you in setting up the software and completing the test and give you further instructions. You should plan ahead to have about 30 minutes to complete.


  • The clarity of your signs, numbers, fingerspelling and depicting verbs (classifiers).  
  • The use of facial expression, prosodic features, and body movement. 
  • The grammatical structure of your sentences. 
  • The use of depicting verbs (classifiers) and space.  

What happens after the test?

Make sure that your contact information is included in the materials you submit, including your name and email address. The Testing Office will submit your video via email to the ASL faculty for evaluation. The ASL Faculty member will follow up with you with their evaluation.  

Results are usually available within a week or two. If you wish to check on the status of your assessment, you may call (206) 934-6344, email, or visit room BE 1106. You can also check the website, for more information.