Faculty resources

Welcome to the Service-Learning faculty resource page! Here you will find materials to assist you with integrating service-learning into your curriculum.

Viewing the 11 minute video will get you started on understanding the benefits of service-learning, what is expected of students, how they may earn credit for it, and how the Service-Learning office can be a resource. Click on "video orientation" on the sidebar or dropdown menu (if on a small device).

Faculty Manual (pdf) - Includes FAQ's, sample syllabi, ideas for discipline-specific service, reflection assignments, service-learning literature, and more.

Faculty reflections

Yvonne Chandler, Adjunct Faculty, incorporates service-learning into BUS 100 and BUS 103. Topics reflect either supervision or HR management.

I provide an opportunity to do service-learning as an alternative to participating on a team project. I have learned to correlate and align both projects so they are fair as to what is required and for what is expected of them. Therefore team projects are almost identical to what is required in documentation and the timeline for the service-learning assignment.

The students love having the option because in many of their classes they are on teams and it becomes overwhelming if all the classes they are taking require a team project. The option works well because students have different schedules and priorities as it relates to their personal lives. I have witnessed where students chose service-learning just to get out of working with a team, only to find that team work is a part of real life work experiences. As students continue in their volunteer work they seem to grow in their compassion and respect for each other's differences. Many students have said the differences of others have value especially when providing service to a community.

Yvonne Chandler, Adjunct Faculty