Internship Information For Students

Cooperative Education (Co–op) is a "work for credit" program offered to students enrolled in college transfer or workforce education programs. Academic credit is earned for the learning that occurs on the job. Students may earn credit for their jobs (with permission), or paid/unpaid internships.

A separate component of our program enables students to earn credit for their volunteer service in non-profit, community–based organizations. Co–op is a coordinated effort between the student, the employing organization, and the college.


Advantages of Co–op include the opportunity to acquire career–related experience, explore or clarify career choices, improve existing skills or learn new skills applicable to future employment, and earn college credit.


Students may earn 2–5 credits per quarter (based on the number of hours worked per week) and participation begins after students attend a mandatory orientation session. Students may enroll at anytime during the quarter but must participate for 8–11 weeks before credit is granted. Co–op credits are considered restricted electives. Students are encouraged to contact the schools they are planning to attend to inquire about the transferability of co–op credit.

International Cooperative Education

Through Seattle Central's Co–op program, students can earn college credit for international work experiences, internships, or volunteer activity, as well as other travel/study and foreign language enhancement activities.