Community Service/Volunteer

CMS 197, 198, and 199

Students are able to earn college credit for volunteer service in non-profit, community–based organizations. This process of earning credit is different than an internship; the emphasis is on providing service to the community rather than a structured learning experience. However, many students choose organizations or volunteer positions that provide an opportunity to explore various fields or allow them to acquire specific career–related experience.

Variable credits are awarded based upon the number of hours worked during the quarter:

  • 33 hours/quarter (one credit)
  • 66 hours/quarter (two credits)
  • 99 hours/quarter (three credits)

Students may participate up to three quarters and earn a maximum of nine credits. However, the credits are considered restricted electives and only five credits may be applied to the elective area of the A.A. degree.

Volunteer Opportunities: Resources for Students

It is the student's responsibility to obtain a position suitable for participation in the program. However, there are agencies that have listed their volunteer opportunities with the college. You can access this information by clicking on Volunteer Postings.

Please note: Students cannot earn credit for volunteering for religious organizations or places of worship unless the organization operates a program that serves the community at large, such as a meal program for the homeless, a food bank, or shelter.


  • Find a place to volunteer. Use the resources online or find a position on your own. You can also use external sites such as Volunteer Match or the United Way of King County. The volunteer site must meet certain criteria:
    • Non–profit (501c3) organization
    • Government agency
    • Public/private school, college, university
    • Daycare center, preschool, nursing home
    • Hospital
  • Once you have been accepted by an organization, continue on to the next step.
  • Visit Karen Kato in the Broadway Edison Building BE1102-C6, call 206.934.6998 or email to register for credit. Please be prepared to provide all of the organization information such as name of supervisor, address, telephone number, email address, etc.
  • Ask your volunteer supervisor to complete the middle section of the Agreement. You should complete the remainder of the information on the form. Be sure to indicate if you want to receive a grade, or Satisfactory w/credit. Sign the Agreement and return to Karen Kato by the specified due date.
  • Give your volunteer supervisor the letter and examples of the forms we use for our program.
  • Record your hours on the Volunteer Timesheet each time you volunteer.
  • Toward the end of the quarter (or your participation in the program), give the timesheet to your supervisor and ask them to verify your hours and sign and date the form. The supervisor should also complete the reverse side of the form, Student Volunteer Evaluation.
  • Prepare your reflection report.
  • Complete the Evaluation of Community Service / Volunteer Program form.
  • Submit the following documents by the last day of the quarter:
    • Student Volunteer Evaluation / timesheet
    • Reflection Report
    • Evaluation of Community Service / Volunteer Program

Important Information Regarding Your Participation And Grade

Hour requirement: one credit (33 hours); two credits (66 hours) and three credits (99 hours).

Credit will not be awarded unless all hours have been completed and all documents have been submitted. If any aspect of the course has not been fulfilled, you will receive a ‘Y’ (ongoing) grade. You have one additional quarter to clear the ‘Y’.

If you are receiving financial aid, this may negatively impact your aid.

Students Are Allowed To Extend Their Participation For One Additional Quarter Following The Official Quarter Of Enrollment

However, failure to complete course requirements by the last day of the second quarter will result in a loss of grade and credit. If you are extending your participation, the Timesheet, Student Volunteer Evaluation, Report, and Evaluation of Community Service / Volunteer Program are not due until you complete.

This is not an option if you are receiving financial aid because this will be viewed as NON-COMPLETION and may NEGATIVELY IMPACT YOUR AID.

The Following Are Reasons Why You May Receive A Late Grade

  • You do not submit the Agreement by the specified due date. If the Agreement is submitted too close to, or at the end of the quarter, you will receive a late grade.
  • You change positions or agencies without notifying the Community Service / Volunteer Program.
  • The individual who signs off on your timesheet and completes the evaluation is different than the person who signed off on the initial agreement.
  • You do not complete your hours.
  • You do not submit your end–of–quarter documents by the due date (typically the last day of the quarter). Late documents will not be reviewed until the following quarter. If you extended your participation, and this is your second quarter, you will not receive a grade or credit for the course.

Please be sure to check the documents you receive from your supervisor. Any missing or incorrect information may result in a late grade.

Final grades are based on: Evaluation (by site supervisor); ability to meet program due dates; and submittal/content of final report.