Travel Study - Policies and Procedures

Seattle Central College reserves the right to make any changes in procedures without notice. In addition, the College reserves the right to cancel courses or change fees at any time without notice.

Terms of Enrollment

Enrollment in travel/language courses does not constitute admission to Seattle Central College. Students who are not attempting to earn a degree or certificate are registered as non–matriculated students.


Students who plan to use this course to fulfill specific curriculum areas should discuss transfer options, and obtain written approval from a counselor or study abroad advisor at their own college/university prior to enrollment in this course.

Academic Calendar

Seattle Central is on a quarter system. Approximate dates are as follows:

Summer: Last week in June through mid–August

Fall: Last week in September through mid–December

Winter: First week in January through March

Spring: First week in April through mid–June

Time Limitations

Students have two quarters (the quarter you are registered for and one additional quarter) to complete courses and will receive a "Y" (on–going) on grade reports until all coursework has been completed.

Note: The "Y" will remain on transcripts if students do not complete courses.

Costs & Refund Policy

  • 5–credit option $660.00
  • 10–credit option $1320.00

The college reserves the right to cancel or change fees at any time without notice.

To receive a refund, students must submit a written request (mailed, or e–mailed) to the address listed on the right (or below for mobile devices). There will be no refunds once the initial quarter in which you are registered officially ends.

Financial Aid

Non–resident Students

A matriculated student receiving financial aid from another college/university is not eligible to receive financial aid at Seattle Central. However, you can discuss the possibility of a consortium agreement with your school's financial aid office. If approved, the financial aid office at your school must initiate contact with the financial aid department at Seattle Central.

Resident Students

These are contract courses. Students cannot use financial aid for these courses.

Submitting Assignments & Grading System

See course syllabus.

Final Grade/Transcripts

If you complete a course during the second quarter of enrollment, a grade change will be processed when the grade is received from the instructor. If you complete coursework prior to the end of the first quarter of enrollment, transcripts will not be available until approximately two weeks following the official end of the quarter.

For information on ordering transcripts, go to the transcripts page.

Honor System

It is expected that each student will prepare his or her own assignments and that any assignments submitted will be the sole work of the student. Academic dishonesty, including cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information, will not be tolerated. Violation of these rules will be considered misconduct under the student code WAC 132–F–120v110. Students suspected of misconduct will forfeit all fees and credit will be denied.

Change of Name/Address

Students are responsible for informing the Cooperative Education Office of his / her current name and address. Delivery of mail to the last address on record constitutes official notification to students.