Travel Study Courses

EDUC 291: Using the World as a Classroom (5 or 10 credits)
Research outside the classroom is now a reality. Students will pick a travel destination, select a research topic, gather research data, and combine them all into a learning experience. This is a self–paced course designed to maximize learning and travel experiences.

SSC 297: Travel/Study Experience (5 or 10 credits)
Designed to provide hands–on learning opportunities for students and other individuals who undertake domestic and/or foreign travel. It offers the participant an opportunity to learn outside the classroom by taking advantage of cross–cultural activities and events, historic sites, geologic formations, museums, etc.—activities that are available through travel.

Language Study Opportunities

This course is for the undergraduate student who plans on taking advantage of language study opportunities outside the USA, living with a family for total language immersion, or attending a language school while at the same time studying the culture of the country. Students will be expected to complete all course requirements upon their return to the United States. (5 or 10 credits)

International Internship/Volunteer Service

ITL 197: International Cooperative Education (5 credits) Provides students with an opportunity to earn college credit for work experiences, internships, or volunteer service in an international setting.

ITL 198: International Cooperative Education (5 credits) A continuation of ITL 197.

Cost for all travel/study courses: $660 for five–credit option; $1320 for 10–credit option