Math Placement Tests

Math Proficiency and Admissions

You are not required to place in math at the time of admission, but the Math Directed Self-Placement (DSP) tool will recommend the right course for you to start with. 

    What is Math DSP?

    This new self-placement tool allows you to assess your own skill and comfort with math and place into the right level, or discover if a refresher course would help. This is to make sure you take classes that are challenging enough to keep you engaged and learning, but not so difficult to discourage and overwhelm you. By answering a few questions, this tool will assess your proficiency and recommend the right starting point.

    How Does the DSP Work?

    To start, you will be shown examples of math problems that you will see in different classes. You will be asked to rate your confidence in solving them. Based on your answers, the tool will suggest classes to you. After completing the assessment, you may select a class on your own, or speak with an advisor, who can help determine if the class is appropriate for you based on your results, your program of study, and anything else that may affect your decision. You will decide which class will be your first. 

    After you finish the Math DSP, you will receive an email confirmation with details on how to register or how to meet with your advisor.

    To access the Math DSP tool, please visit Seattle Colleges Math Directed Self Placement.


    Math DSP replaced ALEKS as a placement tool in May 2023. If you paid for a non-refundable ALEKS placement test after December 2022, you may use those credits until January 19, 2024. If you completed ALEKS, you do not need to take the new self-placement assessment.

      Exemption From Taking the College Math Placement Test

      You can waive the Math DSP and meet math proficiency by submitting one of the following test scores or transcripts, issued within the last three years:

      • SAT Math scores of 520 or higher (old format) or 550 (new format)
      • ACT Math scores of 22 or higher
      • AP score of 3 or higher in Calculus BC, or of 2 or higher in Calculus AB
      • Proof you completed a college-level Math course at another recognized post-secondary institution

      Learn more about the Seattle Central College Math Department and choose your math pathway.

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