Math Placement Tests

Seattle Central uses the ALEKS PPL Test to evaluate math proficiency, a flexible way to determine student eligibility for math placement. While the college is operating with limited services during COVID-19, the ALEKS PPL math placement test may be taken online.  Students are allowed to re-take the test only one time, and there is a mandatory 48-hour waiting period before re-taking the test.  This online testing allowance is considered a temporary arrangement, and the Math Department will review the decision when the college returns to normal operations.  Please see below for step-by-step instructions for taking ALEKS PPL online.

Math Proficiency and Admissions

Although applicants to Seattle Central are not required to demonstrate Math proficiency at the time of admission, your chosen admission path may be affected depending on which courses you test into. Students who are required to take the college Math placement test must have basic arithmetic skills to reach the lowest placement available.

  • College Transfer and High School Completion students must take the college Math placement test prior to registering for their second quarter of full-time study
  • Professional / Technical and Bachelor’s of Applied Science (B.A.S.) degree students must take the college Math placement test before admission to their specific program can be confirmed
  • IEP Short-Term Certificate students might need to take the college Math placement test, depending on the specialization and classes they select

Exemption From Taking the College Math Placement Test

Students can waive the College Math Placement Test and meet Math proficiency requirements any time by submitting one of the following test scores or transcripts, issued within the last three years:

  • SAT Math scores of 520 or higher (old format) or 550 (new format)
  • ACT Math scores of 22 or higher
  • AP score of 3 or higher in Calculus BC, or of 2 or higher in Calculus AB
  • Proof they completed a college-level Math course at another recognized post-secondary institution
  • Seattle Public School students may be exempt if they meet these requirements.

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