Placement Testing FAQ

This FAQ is intended to provide more information about Placement Testing at Seattle Central.

New Math Placement Coming May 15

Starting May 15, Seattle Central will offer a new self-placement for math. This free tool allows students to assess their own skill and comfort with math, place themselves into the right level, and discover if a refresher course would help. Advisors can offer guidance to determine the right math class for an intended degree. Visit this website on or after May 15, 2023 to use the new math directed self-placement tool.

Please not that anyone who has purchased an ALEKS placement test may use those credits until January 19, 2024. Students who have completed ALEKS do not need to take the new self-placement for math.

Placement is used to decide which classes students need to start with, so almost everyone needs to take the math and English placement tests. However, sometimes there are other factors that are considered. For instance, if you have attended another college and have transferred your transcripts of classes, or if you have Advanced Placement (AP) credit, this can affect your placements. There are many options, so please check this list to see if you can use any earlier tests or work for your placement in English and math.

Generally, if you have taken English 101 or higher at another college, you do not need to take the English test. If you have taken college–level Math (100 or higher) in the last three years, you probably do not need the Math test. However, there are exceptions and you should check with the Admissions Office.

Your High School Transcript or GED to place into college level English.

Contact the Testing Office at to submit transcripts or for more information.


If you have attended other institutions that have awarded you college level credit, you need to contact the institution(s) to request official transcripts be sent to Seattle Central and complete an Incoming Transcript Evaluation Form to have these credits evaluated.

For more information, and the complete the Incoming Transcript Evaluation Form, review the Incoming Transcript Evaluation page


For high school and GED transcritps, contact the Testing Office at

Under the statewide Placement Reciprocity Agreement Seattle Central will accept placement tests from:

  • A 2-year community or technical college (not 4-year or other institutions),
  • if the 2-year college is located in Washington State, and
  • the test is less than one year old.

All of the above conditions must be met. If the test is from outside Washington State, from a 4-year institution, or more than one year old, you will likely need to take the placement tests for Seattle Central: the online Directed Self-Placement (DSP) for native English speakers, or College Success (ESL / non-native English speaker) (pdf), and ALEKS PPL (math) (pdf).

Not necessarily. Each college determines its own score requirements for classes. Usually, the placements are roughly the same, but there may be some differences.

If you have already taken a class at another college and wish to use it in for placement at Seattle Central, use the Washington State placement reciprocity. The classes will match as exactly as possible.


ACT SCORES: You can use ACT scores at Seattle Central if they meet college–level minimum scores and are less than three years old. For ACT English placement: At least a 19 on both the ACT English and Reading tests. For math placement: At least a 22 on the ACT Mathematics test.

You can submit scores by contacting the testing company, ACT, Inc. to have your scores sent directly to Seattle Central, school code of 4475.


SAT SCORES: You can use SAT scores at Seattle Central if they meet college–level minimum scores and are less than three years old.

Test date SAT English Placement SAT Math Placement
Less Than 3 Years SAT Evidence–Based Reading & Writing: 510+ = English 101 placement SAT Math Score: 550+ = Math 102, 103, or 107 placement

You can submit scores by contacting the testing company, The College Board, to have your scores sent directly to Seattle Central, school code of 4033.

Advanced Placement (AP) scores are accepted, but should be submitted to Admissions for evaluation. For more information on sending your AP scores, visit the AP Student website here.

Seattle Central does not currently accept the military College Level Examination Program CLEP Test.

The COMPASS Test was a very common placement test that was used at Seattle Central for many years, so you may have heard about it. In 2016, all COMPASS products were discontinued worldwide by its parent company, and it is no longer available at any location. Schools have had to choose new placement tests for English and math, although some will still accept COMPASS Test scores taken previously. At Seattle Central, we will continue to accept COMPASS Test scores that are less than 3 years old.

Yes, as long as it is the same test that is used at Seattle Central: Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (native English speaker), College Success (ESL / non-native English speaker), or ALEKS PPL (math). You can try checking local colleges to see if they give these tests, or you can visit the National College Testing Association's Consortium website to find a Testing center near you. Not all colleges and universities belong to the NCTA, but that is often a reliable source. Please be aware that fees will vary, and will be the sole responsibility of the student.

You will need to request a copy of your scores be sent to Seattle Central. Contact the testing agency (ie. ACT, SAT, SBAC etc.) and ask scores be sent to Seattle Central College, using the appropriate school code (4475 for ACT or 4033 for SAT).

If you have sent transcripts, do not assume that any test scores you have will be on it. Transcripts and test scores usually must be requested separately.

For assistance, contact the Testing Office at

This depends on the school. Any Washington State Community & Technical College will accept placement tests that meet the Statewide Reciprocity Agreement guidelines. Four-year schools and schools in other states will likely have different policies and placement tests, and you will need to check with them.

You can come in to get them in person or send a signed written request by fax (206.934.3224) or email ( or mail (1701 Broadway, BE1106, Seattle, WA, 98122). If you come in person, you must show some form of Photo ID. If you request them by fax/email/mail, make sure it includes your name, Student ID# (or birthdate), signature, and the complete email/address/number where you want the scores sent.

It is also a good idea to leave a number where you can be reached if there is a problem. Please note: requests cannot be taken by phone. Also, all scores are deleted after three years, and you should keep this in mind when making your request.