Pathway Overview

Program Pathways are a series of courses and experiences carefully selected to help you earn your credential and prepare for your career or university transfer. Program Pathway Maps guide you through quarter-by-quarter coursework, indicate when you’ll need to complete important steps, and describe popular careers in this pathway. Some course sequences or recommended courses can be customized or adjusted by speaking with an advisor.


Two-year transfer degrees let you take your freshman and sophomore classes at Seattle Colleges for a fraction of the cost, and then transfer to a four-year university with the skills and confidence to succeed. Be sure to work with a transfer advisor at Seattle Colleges and the four-year institution you plan to attend. Depending on your program of study, you can earn either an Associate of Arts (AA-DTA), Associate in Business (AB-DTA), or Associate of Science (AS), Track 1 or Track 2.

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  • Units to complete: 90-93
  • Estimated program length in quarters: Full Time - 6

Program lengths are estimates, not guarantees. For the most current program information, please check with the program contact.

The Drama program focuses on the general study of dramatic works and their performance. Drama classes include instruction in major works of dramatic literature, dramatic styles and types, musical theater, schools of dance, and the principles of organizing and producing full live or filmed productions.

Intiman Partnership: Technical Theatre for Social Justice

Intiman Theatre and Seattle Central College have partnered to offer an Associate Arts degree program, with emphasis in Technical Theatre for Social Justice (TTSJ), and applications are now live. Over the course of two years, you will work alongside Union professionals on Intiman’s mainstage productions, while studying equity and social justice at the college. As an associate degree direct transfer agreement (AA-DTA), you will be eligible to transfer to a four-year college or university if you so choose.

Drama Courses Offered

  • DRMA&101: Intro to Theatre (Fall, Winter)
  • DRMA108: Rehearsal and Performance (Spring)
  • DRMA121, 122, 123: Intro to Acting (Fall, Winter, Spring)
  • DRMA131: Introduction to Technical Theatre (Fall)
  • *DRMA140: Technical Skills I (Winter)
  • *DRMA141: Technical Skills II (Spring)
  • DRMA298: Individual Projects in Technical Theatre (This class is only available to students in the TTSJ emphasis.)

*These classes are a part of the Technical Theatre and Social Justice emphasis. It is possible for non-cohort students to enroll if the classes are not filled with TTSJ students.

Career Possibilities

Careers in theatre range from technical theatre-- scenery, lighting, projections, sound, properties, costuming-- to careers in acting, stage management, directing, writing, and dramaturgy.

Drama & Theatre Organizations

The drama department is partnered with Seattle Rep’s Public Works and the Intiman Theatre.


Steven Coulter

Steven Coulter
Part-time Instructor

Shelley Douma

Shelley Douma
Full-time Instructor

Phone: 206-934-5404
Darrell Jamieson

Darrell Jamieson
Part-time Instructor

Phone: 206-934-3052