Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA)

What is a Direct Transfer Agreement?

The transfer agreement ensures that a student who completes an Associate in Arts degree (or other designated direct transfer degree) at a public community college in the State of Washington will have satisfied all or most of the lower division general education (or core) requirements at the various baccalaureate institutions. The transfer student who has earned a degree covered by the guidelines will generally have junior-level standing (90 quarter credits or 60 semester credits) at the receiving institution.

What is a Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program (DTA/MRP)?

The Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program (DTA/MRP) has the same benefits as a DTC, but also prepares students to enter a particular major upon transferring. Students complete 90 credits and transfer as a junior.

Note, the cumulative grade point average (GPA) requirement may be higher for some majors. Consult with a Seattle Central advisor and the university you plan to attend.

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