Boost your degree

Add an Emphasis to your Transfer Degree

Consider adding an emphasis to your degree. An emphasis will make you more marketable, set you apart from other job or college applicants and broaden your perspective. When you graduate, the emphasis will be added to your transcripts. You have four areas of study to choose from:

  • Equity & Social Justice This emphasis will help you understand social movements in society while helping to build critical reasoning and analytical skills
  • Global Health This emphasis focuses on methods of improving health and achieving health equity, and helps you understand the nuances of healthcare on a global scale
  • Global Studies This emphasis integrates the study of politics, economics and the arts to help you develop an interdisciplinary approach to international issues
  • Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Food Systems If you're interested in the emerging field of urban agriculture, this is the course of study for you. You will get hands-on learning and internship opportunities in the green workforce
  • Technical Theatre for Social Justice This emphasis offers technical training in backstage theatre, an accessible path to the industry, especially for people of color and skills to critically analyze traditional power structures, oppression and privilege within the performing arts

Earn a Double Emphasis

Students can use the credit for courses with the same course number/title toward earning any emphasis, without any credit restrictions. For example, you can take ANTH 275/Medical Anthropology and earn 5 credits in both the Global Studies and Equity and Social Justice emphases.

Dual Degrees

Two degrees for the price of one. Seattle Central now offers a dual associate degree pathway so you can earn two associate degrees at the same time. Follow a guided pathway and you'll earn an AAS-T in Allied Health and an AA-DTA at the same time - in just 90 credits.

Dual Degree guided pathways include:

There are several benefits to earning a dual degree:

  • Save time and money by taking only the classes you need
  • Build a solid foundation for BA, BS or BAS degrees
  • Transfer your dual degree directly to a Seattle Central BAS program in Community Health & Education, including the pre-Physician Assistant option, or Healthcare Services Management
  • Have lots of job choices when you start looking for work

If you have questions about earning a dual degree, email us at