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Program Pathways are a series of courses and experiences carefully selected to help you earn your credential and prepare for your career or university transfer. Program Pathway Maps guide you through quarter-by-quarter coursework, indicate when you’ll need to complete important steps, and describe popular careers in this pathway. Some course sequences or recommended courses can be customized or adjusted by speaking with an advisor.


Two-year transfer degrees let you take your freshman and sophomore classes at Seattle Colleges for a fraction of the cost, and then transfer to a four-year university with the skills and confidence to succeed. Be sure to work with a transfer advisor at Seattle Colleges and the four-year institution you plan to attend. Depending on your program of study, you can earn either an Associate of Arts (AA-DTA), Associate in Business (AB-DTA), or Associate of Science (AS), Track 1 or Track 2.

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  • Units to complete: 90-93
  • Estimated program length in quarters: Full Time - 6

Program lengths are estimates, not guarantees. For the most current program information, please check with the program contact.

Sociology is the scientific study of human society. Sociologists examine social behavior and social institutions with the view that our social backgrounds influence our attitudes, behavior, and life chances.

Sociology Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introduction to American Culture
  • Sociology of Asian Americans
  • Sociology of the Media
  • Race and Ethnic Relations in the US
  • Social Problems
  • Sex Roles and Society
  • Human Sexuality
  • Social Psychology

Sociology Links

  • American Sociological Association - The ASA is dedicated to advancing sociology as a scientific discipline and profession serving the public good.
  • The Pacific Sociological Association - The PSA's mission is to advance scholarly research on all social processes and areas of social life, to promote high quality teaching of sociological knowledge, and to mentor the next generation of sociologists.
  • The Society Pages - Sociological Images is designed to encourage all kinds of people to exercise and develop their sociological imagination by presenting brief sociological discussions of compelling and timely imagery that spans the breadth of sociological inquiry.
  • ASA Careers Page - Facts on Jobs and Careers


Chris Cook
University of Nevada, Reno, Sociology, B.A.
University of Nevada, Reno, Sociology, M.A.

Scott Furuta
University of California at Los Angeles, Sociology, B.A.
University of California at Los Angeles, Economics, B.A.
University of Washington, Sociology, M.A.

Gregory S. Hinckley
Brigham Young University, Sociology M.S.

Kayleen U. Oka
Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada), English and Mass Communications, B.A. Honors
School for International Training (Brattleboro, Vermont), Intercultural and International Management, M.A.
University of Toronto, Sociology & Equity Studies/Comparative, International and Development Education, Ph.D.