College Transfer Process

The College Transfer programs at Seattle Central College offer many areas of study so you can meet the requirements for an associate degree and be prepared to transfer to a four–year college or university.

During your first quarter

Schedule an Appointment with an Academic Advisor

An Academic Advisor will help you understand the requirements for an Associate of Art (A.A.), Associate of Science (A.S.) or Associate in Business (A.B.) degree and will help you plan the best schedule for your college transfer goals. Be sure to meet with your Academic Advisor each quarter to help you stay on track and to make sure your credits count!

During your first 45 credits

Explore Different Majors and Careers

Most 4–year university majors have prerequisites or requirements that should be completed during your first two years of college at Seattle Central. Need help?

  • Visit the Career Services Center (room BE1102E1) to take career tests.
  • Visit Cooperative Education (room BE1103) to look for jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.
  • Visit the College Transfer Center (room BE1102F) for assistance with researching schools and for assistance with figuring out prerequisites for your major.

During your last 45 credits

Gather Application Materials

Research the application guidelines for each of your potential universities. Begin writing your personal statement. Need help? Visit the Writing Center (room BE4151) and the College Transfer Center (room 2BE1102F) for help proofreading and editing your essay.

Apply for Admission to Your Potential Universities

Submit the online application by the deadline stated. Remember to send official transcripts from Seattle Central to your potential university early enough to ensure they are received by the application deadline. If other supporting documentation is required, such as high school transcripts, they must also be received by the application deadline.

Apply for Graduation from Seattle Central

As you near 90 credits, check in with your Academic Advisor (room BE1102D) to finalize steps to graduate with your transferable A.A., A.S. or A.B. degree. Turn in your graduation application to the Registration Office (room BE1104).