Fine & Performing Arts Learning Outcomes

Students who take courses in the Fine and Performing Arts earn credit in the Visual, Linguistic, Performing Arts (VLPA) area of knowledge for the AA degree by understanding the role of drama, music, and art in expressing and reflecting human experience.

Additionally, Fine and Performing Arts courses meet the communication, collaboration, and creative thinking outcomes for the AA degree, as students

  • explain meaning of written work, presentations, arts, and media in different contexts
  • present oral, signed, written, or other forms of expression to increase knowledge, foster understanding, or promote change in an audience
  • work effectively with others to learn, complete tasks, and pursue common goals that shape, influence, and benefit the individual and/or society
  • synthesize existing ideas, images, or expertise in original ways

In particular, students who take classes in Art, Drama, and Music learn content and skills that relate to our College&pos;s Fine and Performing Arts outcomes:

  • demonstrate aesthetic valuing through analysis and judgment about works of art of a given form
  • participate in a variety of in–class group activities
  • consider perspectives, experiences, and cultural differences to understanding historical contributions and cultural dimensions of a given art
  • access and evaluate information about art from a variety of sources and contexts, including technology
  • connect and apply knowledge of a given art form to other subject areas and to careers
  • produce creative and analytical portfolios reflecting course development
  • apply and improve learned visual, auditory and performance analysis skills through continued learning