Proctoring Services

Local students taking classes or training through other colleges and institutions by correspondence or other long–distance methods often are required to take exams. The Seattle Central Testing Office agrees to provide supervision and a secure testing environment for those exams.

Usually this involves a correspondence or online class through a university, but various types of organizations make use of this service. The Testing Office has proctored exams for institutions around the country, and welcomes international organizations as well. However, we are unable to proctor examinations for the University of London at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use this service?

The Proctoring Service is usually available on the following schedule, unless it conflicts with a Federal or State holiday:

Monday and Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  
All exams must be finished by 4:30 p.m.  
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Weekends: CLOSED

For students who need tests proctored outside of Central's usual hours we are recommending the proctoring service at University Tutoring in Seattle (near University Village). They can be reached at 206.522.0109 or by email at

What kinds of exams can be proctored?

Paper–and–pencil exams and online exams are the most common types, but with enough advance notice almost any type can be accommodated.

If you require any special equipment, such as a tape recorder and headphones, please notify us in advance. Also, please be aware that we cannot provide video equipment or proctor any exam which would disturb other students in the room.

Babies and children are not permitted into the exam rooms at any time. They must be supervised outside the Testing Office. Per District regulation, Testing staff will not provide child supervision for any reason.

What kind of environment is provided?

A 24–seat testing room is available for pencil–and–paper exams; a 22–computer network for online exams. Please be aware that other students will be making use of the facilities at the same time and there are 2 ADA Private Rooms available. All electronic devices (cell phones, pagers, PDAs, computers, CD / Tape players, watches) must be turned off. We do offer personal lockers to store your belongings.

Are there any special requirements for online exams?

Most online exams can be accommodated without any problems, but occasionally there can be difficulties. Seattle Central Testing uses both MS Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers, but the Netscape browser is not available. MS Word and Excel if needed.

Programs provided by another institution may be used if they can operate from a floppy disk or CD, or USB device. Programs which must be loaded to a hard drive cannot be used. Outside computers may never be connected to the Testing network.

Please check carefully with your institution about their technology requirements. Many distance education programs require the use of a lockdown browser, which prevents students from accessing other programs or browser during online exams. Some lockdown browsers require download and administrative privileges to install, and we are unable to accommodate them. (One popular lockdown browser of this type is Respondus; another is ExamSoft.) If your school requires a lockdown browser of this type, you will need to see if they can offer alternatives for testing before arranging your test at Central.

If there is any question about technology requirements, we will be pleased to speak with the sponsoring institution.

How do I arrange for proctoring?

First, notify your institution that Seattle Central Testing has agreed to proctor your exam. You will probably need to provide them with our contact and mailing information:

Seattle Central College   
Testing Office   
1701 Broadway, BE1106  
Seattle, WA 98122   
Attn: Aimee Benoit or Shermaine Singleton   
 206.934.6344, 206.934.3224 (fax)

Your college or institution will then mail your exam or information to us directly. Because of the high volume of exams we proctor, you will not be notified when it arrives—you will need to contact us to confirm that your exam has been received.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. Proctored exams are scheduled on an appointment basis ONLY, Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm. There MUST be confirmation of your appointment for the Testing Center to accommodate any student.

What do I need to bring?

You will need some form of photo ID: Driver License, Passport, or Student ID card. No one will be admitted without photo ID. If the exam permits other aids, such as a calculator or notes, you should bring those as well. The Testing Office can provide pencils, pens, and scratch paper if needed. There is also a proctoring fee.

What is the fee, and how can I pay it?

There is a $40 fee per exam. You may pay by cash, check (made out to Seattle Central for the exact amount), or credit/debit until 4 p.m. After 4 p.m., only exact–change cash and checks are accepted.

What happens after the test?

This will depend upon what your college or institution requires. If the exam is paper–and–pencil, the Testing Center is usually required to return your exam for you by mail, fax, scan–and–upload, or emailed attachment. If it is an online exam it is usually submitted over the internet automatically. Usually you must contact your institution for scores and grades, as the Testing Center does not provide a scoring service.

My deadline is coming soon. Can my exam be returned by FedEx or priority mail? What about a tracking number for USPS?

If you wish to have your exam returned by a faster method than standard mail, or want to add a tracking number to standard mail, you (or your sponsoring institution) must provide a pre–paid envelope from either the US Postal Service or the courier of your choice. The Testing Office cannot provide envelopes or postage, or add any additional services, and does not have accounts with FedEx or any other courier. The Testing Office also does not record tracking numbers, and it is your responsibility to save them if they are needed.