STEM-B Lab Resource FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

My course if fully online, why am I still paying lab/material fees?

Lab and material fees are used to purchase supplies, equipment, software, and licenses for courses with lab and activity components. Please note, even when courses are fully online these fees are still used to procure and maintain resources for student learning. This includes items like licenses and subscriptions for online software, fees for shipping and receiving resources, and costs of staff who are coordinating, assembling, distributing, and troubleshooting remote course activities.

How will lab/activity materials be distributed?

Course materials/kits will be shipped from the Seattle Central Bookstore via UPS. In addition, the bookstore will generally offer in-store pickup during the first two weeks of the quarter. Please see the Lab/Activity Materials page for more and updated details.

Can I remotely access software on campus lab computers?

Yes. Follow IT Services’ directions on how to Access Campus Lab Computers from Off-Campus. Please note, not all campus lab computers will have the software you are looking for. Most STEM-B related software will be installed on SAM (Science and Mathematics) specific lab computers. A list of computer labs by software can also be found in IT Service’s directions above.