Lab Activity Materials

Lab/Activity materials (and kits) can be ordered through the Seattle Central College Bookstore’s website and are covered by your course's lab/material fees. Instructions on how to find your lab/activity materials and how to purchase with a voucher are below.

The health and safety of students and employees is our priority. To reduce contact, materials will be shipped via UPS. Additionally, the Bookstore will offer in-store pickup, often during the first two weeks of the quarter. Students must place their order online and receive confirmation that their order is ready to pick up before arriving at the Bookstore. Please contact if you have any questions or comments regarding your Bookstore order.

How to Order Lab/Activity Materials

  1. Go to the Seattle Central College Bookstore website.
  2. Mouse over the COURSE MATERIALS & TEXTBOOKS tab on the menu bar and select FIND COURSE MATERIALS.
  3. Enter your course information by selecting the term, department, course #, and section from the drop-down menus. You can add more classes by clicking ADD ANOTHER COURSE below the course menu. When you are finished, click the RETRIEVE MATERIALS button.  
  4. Select your kit/item and click the ADD TO CART button to individually add kits/items to your cart, then click the PROCEED TO CART button.
  5. Select the distribution method, either SHIP TO ADDRESS or FREE IN-STORE PICKUP.  Then click the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button.
  6. You may opt to create a user account if you would like to view your order history or log in to track your order progress. Otherwise, select PROCEED AS GUEST.
  7. Enter your Contact Information, then click CONTINUE.
  8. Enter your Shipping Information, then click CONTINUE.  If you chose FREE IN-STORE PICKUP, you will need to complete Pick Up Information.   After selecting your Shipping Method or Pickup Person, click CONTINUE. 
  9. To pay using a student fees voucher (Voucher w/ cTcLink ID), when asked for Payment Information, click on FINANCIAL AID tab under Select a payment method.  Check the INTERNAL PROVIDER box and enter your Seattle Central College Student ID number.  Then select APPLY SFA FUNDS.  If you ordered additional items not covered by the voucher, you will need to add an additional form of payment to pay for those items. Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT when ready.
  10. Finally, click PLACE ORDER to complete your order! The cost of the kit will be covered by your student fees (including shipping costs). Important: While textbook orders ship within 1-2 business days, kits and other voucher covered materials will not ship until your class registration is confirmed by the bookstore (usually ~1 week after the start of classes).  

Kit Return at the End of the Quarter

Please be aware that items in kits may be on loan from STEM departments (such as geology rock and mineral specimen). Therefore, some items/kits will need to be returned at the end of the quarter. Return instructions, a pre-paid return shipping label, and a list of items needing to be returned will be included in these specific kits.  It may be useful to keep original shipping supplies for use in return.  If you have any questions, please contact your instructor.

Safety Outside of Labs

Your lab/activity materials have been curated for safe use. However, there are practices appropriate even outside of lab spaces.

  • Follow all instructions provided by instructors and or included in kits.
  • Do not eat or drink while using lab/activity materials.
  • When not in use, store materials in a secured location - out of reach of children and pets.

When in doubt, the precautionary approach is best. Contact your instructor if you have further questions about kit use and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased my lab/activity materials without using a voucher. Can I still use the voucher and get a refund?

Yes. If you are enrolled in a course that requires an item covered by the voucher program, you will be refunded the cost of the item and shipping. Please do NOT place another order with the same item to use the voucher. Contact the bookstore staff at for a refund.

My textbooks and lab/activity materials were purchased at the same time. My textbooks have arrived, but my lab/activity materials have not. When will they arrive?

While textbooks ship in 1-2 business days, voucher covered materials will not ship until your class enrollment is confirmed by the bookstore. This usually happens around the second week of the quarter. If your lab/activity materials have not arrived in week 3, contact the bookstore staff at and notify your instructor.

I don't have a consistent shipping address. Am I able to pick up items at the bookstore?

Absolutely. The bookstore offers in-store pick-up during the first two weeks of the quarter. You must place your order online and receive confirmation that your order is ready before arriving at the bookstore. If you have any questions, contact bookstore staff at

How long do international shipments usually take?

Unfortunately, this will vary by destination and current policies at customs. We have had better success with shipping with UPS than other carriers. We have also made the faculty aware of these inconsistencies and they should have alternative ways to accommodate you in case shipments don’t arrive in a timely manner.