Learning Communities

Our Fall 2021 Learning Community is Say Their Names (LC150).  

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Type LC in the 'Subject begins with' search box.

  • The Art of War
    ART 105 Modern Art; ART 255 Survey of Asian Art; HIST 210 The Pacific Century; HUM 105 Intercultural Communications.

  • Math in Motion I
    MATH 151 Calculus I; PHYS 221 Physics I for Engineers; CSC 102Q Computers in Math.

  • Speaking Up – Building Bridges, Building Community
    CMST& 101 Intro to Communications; ENGL&101 English Composition I; HDC 101 Orientation to College Success; HUM 150 Ways of Knowing; INFO 101 Introduction to Information Resources.

What is a learning community?

  • Group of courses that are team taught by two or more faculty members with fully integrated course work.
  • Integrates multiple disciplinary perspectives and leads students to actionable solutions.
  • Can be a full course load with a total package of 10-15 credits.
  • Interactive curriculum includes student seminars, field trips, group projects, performances, guest speakers, co-curricular activities – anything but your traditional classroom fare.

Why would a student want to enroll in one?

  • Explore issues and concerns of a topical theme with instructors from different subject areas (academic disciplines).
  • Develop creative and critical thinking skills, while making connections across academic disciplines.
  • Enter and complete an educational journey that welcomes life experiences and encourages problem-based learning.
  • Retain knowledge and gain a sense of belonging at our college.
  • Build bonds with your peers that will help in your academic success.
  • Meet the Integrated Studies special requirement for the AA transfer degree.

Contact Sharon Spence-Wilcox, Learning Communities Committee Chair LCC.Central@seattlecolleges.edu