The Drama program focuses on the general study of dramatic works and their performance. Drama classes include instruction in major works of dramatic literature, dramatic styles and types, musical theater, schools of dance, and the principles of organizing and producing full live or filmed productions.

Drama Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Theatre (fall and winter)
  • Acting (fall, winter, spring)
  • Introduction to Technical Theatre (spring)
  • Play and Script Writing (winter)
  • Rehearsal and Production (spring)
  • Introduction to Concert Dance One, Two and Three

Drama Organizations


Shelley Douma
Calvin College, Communications/Theater and English, B.A.
Purdue University, English, M.A.
University of Oregon, Theater, Ph.D.

Darrell Jamieson

Production and Performance

  • Actor
  • Artistic Director
  • Stage Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Set Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Casting Director
  • Scenic Artist

Business and Arts Administration

  • Advertising
  • Arts Administrator
  • Events Planner
  • Managing Director
  • Publicist
  • Press Agent
  • Talent Manager
  • Private Coach