Associate in Business

The Associate in Business (A.B.) degree provides you with experience and opportunities to build proficiency and skills in management, accounting, finance and other business-related topics. The Associate in Business degree satisfies general education requirements and prerequisites required for business programs at many four–year universities in Washington.

The Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program (DTA/MRP) has the same benefits of a DTA, but also prepares students to enter a specific major upon transferring.

Admission to business programs can be competitive. It is essential that you learn the admission requirements for the business program at your transfer school and consult with the Advising Office.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Social: Students participate in social and teamwork exercises in order to develop skills in cooperation, leadership and peer respect.
  2. Technology: Students use technology for solving business problems, including common computer applications and graphing calculators.
  3. Research: Students make decisions based on analysis of evidence, and critically appraise the validity of information from various sources.
  4. Knowledge: Students apply theoretical and quantitative knowledge from the fields of Economics, Accounting, and Law in order to solve business problems.
  5. Ethics: Students evaluate a decision or course of action based on ethical theories, or codes of ethics promulgated by professional business organizations.
  6. Institutional Framework: Students evaluate a course of action based on the relevant Institutional Framework(s) affecting that action. As examples, the Constitution, Financial Accounting Standards Board Pronouncements, SEC Regulations, State Laws, Tax Rules, Federal Reserve policies should be considered, as well as norms and mores pertinent to the decision