STEM 101

STEM 101 provides you with the techniques to apply active learning strategies to further personal and professional growth, study skills, critical and creative thinking and career development.

STEM 101 is a course that includes detailed information about identifying college resources, social justice in the sciences, implicit bias in the research field, the scientific method and how to be an ethical scientist. Guest speakers from systemically non-dominant groups help you explore careers in STEM and build professional networks. Explore social justice in STEM and learn how to explain how diversity can benefit everyone.

You will become familiar with the history of equity, access, discrimination and bias and how they relate to STEM fields. This course will empower you to identify discrimination, challenge the status quo, and deepen you ability to advocate for and be an ally to others as it relates to their STEM field. You will leave the course with a Transfer Portfolio that includes an academic and transfer plan, personal statement, resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile.

Upon completion of this class, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the college and higher education system
  • Create and understand academic and transfer plans
  • Write and revise personal statements and resumes
  • Create and update LinkedIn profiles
  • Understand STEM careers and opportunities
  • Identify institutional biases and social injustices in the sciences
  • Articulate plan for tackling biases
  • Recognize your ability to be a force not only for the future of STEM, but in being an ally and advocate for others

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Dana Maestas
Washington State University, M.S. (Molecular Biosciences)