Anthropology studies humans and cultures in the past and present. Anthropology draws on the social and biological sciences, as well as the humanities and physical sciences. Anthropologists apply their knowledge to understand humans and solve humans’ problems.

Anthropology Courses Offered

  • Survey of Anthropology
  • Cultural Ecology
  • Archaeology
  • American Mosaic
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Cultures of the Middle East
  • Pacific Northwest Coast Indians
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Politics of Food

Anthropological Organizations

American Anthropological Association - The American Anthropological Association promotes and coordinates the efforts of American anthropologists.


Susan Barclay
University of Notre Dame, Anthropology and Peace Studies B.A.
American University of Beirut, Medical and Political Anthropology M.A.

Peter Reinhardt Knutson
Stanford University/New School for Social Research, Liberal Arts B.A. 
University of Washington, Anthropology Ph.D.

Kate Krieg
New College of Florida, Anthropology B.A. 
University of Florida, Cultural Anthropology M.A.

Mohammad al–Madani
Muskingum College, Mathematics & Computer Science B.S.
Oregon State University, Interdisciplinary Studies (Anthropology, History & Sociology) M.A. 
University of Florida, Anthropology Ph.D–

Anthropology – Careers

  • Education/Outreach
  • Archaeology
  • Cultural Resource Management (CRM)
  • Historic Preservation
  • Museum/Curation/Project Design
  • Community Development
  • Advocacy (human rights/social justice)
  • Human/Social Services
  • Computers/Software Development/Information Technology
  • Design (products and/or services)
  • International Development/Affairs
  • Forensics
  • Mass Communication
  • Administration/Management
  • Business
  • Tourism/Heritage
  • Healthcare Management/Services/Deliver
  • Management Consulting/Organizational Development/Training
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Market Research
  • Law/Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement
  • Humanitarian Efforts