What’s in the Plan?

The MIMP Concept Plan includes many things, such as an explanation of the mission and goals of the college and a short history of the college and the Broadway campus. Follow this link to find the draft 2020 MIMP Concept Plan 

Here are some key facts which are driving the need for a new Major Institution Master Plan (MIMP).

1) Future enrollment growth in the next twenty years is expected to be significant, due primarily to an explosion of in-migration to the city.

2) The Planned Development in this Concept Plan is designed to support growth to an expected peak enrollment of 7500 full time equivalent (FTE) students.

a. As a general rule, there are twice as many enrolled students (headcount), including part-time students, coming to campus as the FTE number.

3) The 7500 number represents a growth of 11% over the 2017 enrollment.

4) Many college buildings are increasingly expensive to operate and maintain. Their instructional environment are in need of sizable investments if they are to remain serviceable.

5) The college desires, therefore, to consolidate its primary academic and student services functions on or immediately adjacent to the main Broadway/Edison Building.

6) The college will look to leverage or replace under-utilized and expensive to operate buildings south of Pine Street.

7) On-campus housing will be developed for students and, potentially, for college employees