Open Space, Pedestrian Pathways, and Streetscape

How Our Campus Touches Our Community

The way that our campus impacts our community the most on a daily basis is in the ways that pedestrians touch our campus. Whether through their use of our open spaces or passing through or around campus as a pedestrian, neighborhood residents and visitors experience Seattle Central as a Capitol Hill fixture, much like Cal Anderson Park.   Hundreds of visitors interact daily with our buildings’ entrances and streetscapes.

Understanding that our role in the community is greatly influenced by these personal interactions, improvements to the campus edges are critical to creating positive physical connections between the community and Seattle Central College. The college MIMP will address improvements to be integrated into new developments. These improvements could include:

  • Creating new or improving existing open spaces such as: the green/open space at Broadway and Pine; the campus intersection across Broadway to the Mitchell Activity Center; the Howell Street Connector to Cal Anderson Park; or the proposed new Campus Gateway at the southwest portal to Capitol Hill’s Light Rail Station.

  • Streetscape improvements to our planned new buildings along Harvard, Broadway, and Pine.

  • Pedestrian related improvements to walkways around and through campus on Broadway, Pine, Harvard, and Howell

Please also see our topic entitled Neighborhood & Campus Security for related information and comments.

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