Trip Reduction

Seattle Central has adopted policies and procedures to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips to the Broadway Edison campus as detailed in the college’s Transportation Management Plan.

The college is located in the Capitol Hill, Pike/Pine, & First Hill area where the city of Seattle current drive alone rate (DAR) target goal is 42.9%.  In 2019 the college achieved a DAR of 34.3% among employees and 17% among students, which means it is meeting the current network goal under the city’s Commute Trip Reduction Plan

Seattle's Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program plays a crucial role in the city's effort to reduce congestion and provide mobility choices. The college uses its Transportation Management Program to mitigate the impacts on traffic congestion and environmental degradation associated with fossil-fuel vehicle trips to and from campus. 

To encourage the use of buses, streetcars, trains and ferries, the college sells subsidized ORCA Card transit passes, provides reduced parking rates for carpoolers and offers free parking for bicycles and motorcycles. Employees and student can purchase heavily subsidized ORCA cards. The college sells over 5,000 ORCA Cards annually as well as 3,500 parking permits.

Among other tools, the college has a partnership with Zimride by Enterprise to offer students, faculty and staff a private social ridesharing network. Zimride makes sharing rides for drivers and passengers easy. Users can sign in, set up a profile and post their one-time ride or commute to school, work, meetings or the airport.

Questions or Concerns

The draft Major Institution Master Plan anticipates a growth to 7500 full time equivalent students enrolled in the college, similar to the peak enrollment in 2010. This represents an increase of approximately 650 full time equivalent students from 2019

Transit service to Capitol Hill and the Broadway campus has changed dramatically since the last plan was adopted.  The new Link light rail station and street car line serving Broadway have increased the mass transit options serving the campus and early indications are that students and staff are using them.

If you have specific concerns or suggestions related to the transportation impacts of the college’s draft master plan, please share them by visiting our Community Feedback page and choosing Transportation as your Comment Topic. Thank you!