Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver

Washington state residents 60 years of age or older, may use the waiver to register for two state-funded classes on a credit or audit basis starting from the sixth day (fifth day for summer) through the tenth day (eight day for summer) of the quarter. A five dollar ($5) processing fee will be charged per class. Students wishing to take advantage of this waiver must:

  1. Attend class the first day and obtain instructor’s permission if space is available.
  2. Bring the signed form to the Registration Office on the 6th day through the 10th day (fifth day through eighth for the summer).
  3. Be responsible to pay for any additional charges such as class fees, books, supplies, lab fees, tech fees, etc.
  4. Agree that the waiver may not be used for increasing credential or for salary schedule increases.

Courses which qualify for the waiver – State funded classes that include:

  1. Humanities
  2. Natural and Social Sciences
  3. And some Vocational Courses
  4. Summer intensive foreign language classes – 2/3 of tuition can be charged to the waiver and remaining 1/3 of the tuition is the student’s responsibility.

Courses which do not qualify for the waiver:

  1. Continuing Education Classes (Non-Credit Classes)
  2. Correspondence Courses
  3. Campus Seminar Courses
  4. High School Completion Courses
  5. Individual Instruction Courses/Programs, Lessons Stipend
  6. Adult Basic Education (ABE), English as a Second Language (ESL) and GED Prep Courses
  7. Parent Co-op

Note: If you register and pay for the class prior to the sixth day of the quarter, the college will assume you are not interested in using the tuition waiver, thereby forfeiting your waiver eligibility and the 100% refund. Student registering early and using the waiver can not hold a paid seat in class.

Complete the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver form (pdf).