TRiO-SSS Eligibility

How to Qualify for TRiO-SSS

Students qualify based on federally defined criteria (meet one of the following):

  • neither parent earned a bachelor’s degree
  • meets low-income qualifications based on Federal Income Guidelines;
  • a documented disability, as verified by Seattle Central College's Disability Support Services. For additional information regarding services for student with disabilities, including testing and accommodations, please visit Disability Support Services.

Each TRiO-SSS participant must meet at least one of the above criteria and also be:

  • a US citizen or permanent resident
  • admitted and enrolled, or eligible to be enrolled, at Seattle Central College in the current or next academic term
  • planning to pursue a first bachelor’s degree
  • in need of academic support

How to Apply & Enroll with TRiO-SSS

  1. Complete an Application (pdf)
  2. Make appointment for an Intake
  3. Complete Participant/Staff Agreement