An Exchange of Thoughts & Ideas

As a major institution located within city boundaries, Seattle Central College develops the campus under guidelines established by the City’s Land Use Code through the Major Institution Master Plan (MIMP) process. The Master Plan identifies locations of new physical development and establishes design guidelines for campus environs. It also includes a Transportation Management Plan along with other actions to reduce negative impacts of proposed development on the neighborhood.

Seattle Central has operated under its current MIMP which was adopted in 2002. Critical assumptions about campus enrollment growth and city policies which underpinned the 2002 plan are now out of date. Seattle Central has submitted a Concept Plan for a new MIMP intended to guide campus development for the next twenty years.

Community input on the Concept Plan is both welcomed and required under city ordinance. The process to gather that input is a joint undertaking by the city of Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods and Seattle Central. The city has formed a Citizens Advisory Committee which meets monthly during a two year or more long review process.

Under normal circumstances, Seattle Central would engage with our community through public meetings, outreach with community groups, and personal engagement with our staff, students, and community leaders. Because of concerns over the spread of COVID-19, much of our proposed plan is inappropriate at this time. Therefore, this on-line forum has been created. Please read through the following pages (linked on the left) and provide your thoughts and ideas on how to best integrate the college’s planned development with our Capital Hill neighborhood and community.