Terms & Definitions

Prerequisite Classes

Classes never expire from your transcript but math and science test scores and courses may only be used for three years as a prerequisite to get into the next class. If your prerequisite course is more than three years old, you can ask permission from the instructor or retake the math placement test.

For math and science courses, an academic advisor cannot sign off on a prerequisite with scores or courses that are older than three years or if you have not completed the specific prerequisites courses.

If you want to waive the Math 098 intermediate algebra proficiency requirement of an AA transfer degree, you must have completed a three–year sequence of study in high school at the minimum levels of algebra, geometry, and second year algebra (second year algebra requires a 2.0 minimum GPA).

The first algebra course may be taken during middle school if the second year is completed in high school. If you think you meet this requirement, submit an official high school transcript to Registration for evaluation. Note: When this option is selected, the waiver cannot be used as a Math 098 prerequisite for any course.

Closed Classes

If a class you want to take is closed be sure to do the following:

  • Add yourself to a waitlist—there is still the possibility of getting into the class, but it is also a good idea to choose alternate classes to register for.
  • If you need general electives, you can try a class that you would not have taken otherwise, even if it is not specifically for your major.
  • See if you can take a class at a different time. For example, an early morning or an evening course may still be open.
  • Check out the other campuses in our district: North Seattle and South Seattle.

Waitlist Classes

If you are on a waitlist this means there is the possibility of getting into the class as well as the risk of not getting in. If you have an email address on file with the college, you will receive an update every time your status on the waitlist changes.

If you are still on the waitlist on the first day of class, take a blue and white add/drop registration form to the class and ask the instructor for permission to register. If there is still room in the class, they may sign the form giving permission, and you will need to take it to Registration in BE1104 to officially register for the course.

Repeat Classes

If you originally took a class at Seattle Central and then re–took the same class, then you can replace your grade. Once you have the new grade, you must request the grade replacement at Registration and your old grade will not be counted toward your cumulative GPA.

However, it will remain on your transcript with an "R" to indicate "replaced." If this is not done, the grades from both courses will be averaged and counted toward your cumulative GPA. You can repeat a credit course once and it must be repeated on the same campus for the grade to be replaced on your transcript.

If you are not doing well in your algebra math class you can visit Statway. Statway allows you to complete the Intermediate Algebra proficiency and the QSR requirements for the Associates of Arts degree in three quarters.