How to Enroll in a Self-Paced Course

Register Online

Students may register online for Self–Paced courses by visiting the Seattle Colleges District eLearning website. Permission for Self–Paced courses will be listed but is not required for enrollment.

Once you are at the Seattle Colleges Registration website:

  • Select SELF-PACED under Course type and click Search!  *Leave the Keyword section blank
  • Scroll down to find the course
  • Click View Details - Add to Planner (twice) and follow the prompts.

Once you are officially registered, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to pay and access your course.


Students can register for the current quarter through the 5th, 6th or 7th week, depending on the length of the quarter. While you can enroll after the start of a quarter, you are not able to start and end a self-paced course at any time. For specific deadlines and dates, contact the Self-Paced office.

It is the student’s responsibility to check for any unpaid tuition on their account. Special exceptions will not be made after the registration period has closed. Students with unpaid tuition after the 6th week of the quarter may be dropped for non-payment and cannot be added back into their course until the following quarter.

The last day to register for SUMMER 23: JULY 14


To receive a refund, a student must request a Schedule Change at the Seattle Colleges District eLearning website.

A refund of tuition can be given only during the first 4 weeks after the enrollment date. All supplemental materials (if applicable) are not refundable.

Full Refund: If application for refund is made within two weeks of date of enrollment and before any lessons have been submitted, the course fee will be refunded.

Half Refund: If application for refund is made after the first two weeks but before 4 weeks from the date of enrollment, one half (50%) of the course fee and $10 for each lesson submitted, will be refunded.

There are no refunds after 30 days.


Self-paced courses are listed as: SECTION - C01, INSTRUCTION MODE - OTHER

SUMMER 2023 Course Numbers:

ACCT&201 - 2417

ACCT&202 - 2422

ACCT&203 - 2427

AHE 168  - 2442

AME 150 - 2447

ANTH&206 - 2450

ASTR&100 - 2453

BUS&101 - 2210

BUS&201 - 2211

CMST&102 - 2212

ECON&201 - 2241

ECON&202 - 3046

ENGL&101 - 2209

ENGL&102 - 3054

ENGL&112 - 3070

ENGL&246 - 3075

ENVS&100 - 2208

HEA 125 - 2207

HIST&128 - 2193

HIST&136 - 2191

HIST&137 - 2192

HIST&214 - 2194

HUM 105 - 2195

HUM 125 - 2196

LAN 101 - 2197

MEY 100 - 2198

NUTR&101 - 2201

OCEA&100 - 2202

PHIL&101 - 2203

PHIL&120 - 2204

PSYC&100 - 2205

PSYC&200 - 2206

PSYC 210 - 1781

PSYC&220 - 1778

SOC&101 - 1775