Self-Paced Courses

Self–Paced courses are designed to allow more flexibility to complete Seattle Central College credits while working from home or work. These courses enable you to earn credits towards an A.A. or A.A.S degree and you can enroll at almost any time*. Start times and specific quarters vary – contact eLearning for details. There are no required on–campus meetings.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration for Spring quarter begins March 8th. The last day to register for Spring: TBD*

How Self–Paced Courses Work

Self–Paced courses are conducted online in Canvas. Students log into Canvas to view their study guide containing a syllabus, list of required texts and instructions on how to complete lessons. Assignments and exams are evaluated by an instructor. Communication is via Canvas or email. Students have up to 6 months to complete their course.

The Benefits of Self–Paced Courses

  • Self–Paced courses encompass a wide variety of requirements ranging from Master's degrees to certificate programs.
  • Students have up to 6 months to complete their course work.
  • These courses make it easier to earn a degree by offering options in both required courses and electives that are available at any time during the quarter.
  • Courses can fit into busy schedules, family responsibilities or work obligations.

Participation and Eligibility

Anyone 18 years or older may register for Self–Paced courses. However, this does not constitute admission to the college. Students who only wish to register and are not attempting to earn a degree or certificate are enrolled as non–matriculated students. This option allows students to self–advise. Students who elect to self–advise are responsible for keeping themselves informed of course prerequisites and requirement International Students attending Seattle Central College should consult with their counselor or advisor before enrolling in these courses.

Additional Resources

Self–Paced Course Handbook (pdf)