Student Success Workshops

Recorded Zoom Sessions

Links to video recordings will be provided below as they become available.

These videos provide valuable study skills, academic strategies, and provide guiding practices to help students succeed in college.

Organization and Time Management - Presented by Dr. Kimberly McRae, Faculty Counselor

Power Point: Self – Management” PDF 

Stress Management – Presented by Patricia Barnes-Sam & Randy Earle, TRiO Counselors

Power Point: REVSpring 2020 Stress Management Workshop (002) PDF 

Test Prep: How to Prepare for Midterms – Presented by Bryce Walb, Faculty Counselor

Handout for Notetaking: How to prepare for Midterms
Power Point: (pdf)

How to Stay on Course to Academic Success – Presented by Krysta Walia, Faculty Counselor

Handout for Notetaking: Staying on Course
List of Strategies and Resources addressed in the video: Staying on course 

Self-Care as you Prepare for Finals (Part 1): Focus, Meditation, and Mindfulness – Presented by Ruby Hansra, Faculty Counselor

Power Point: (pdf)

Self-Care as you Prepare for Finals (Part 2): Mind, Memory, and Mood Toolkit – Presented by Dr. Brian Smith, Faculty Counselor

Power Point: Study Strategies