Online Courses

Online courses enable students to complete college level courses via the Internet. These courses are the perfect option for students with busy schedules, family responsibilities, or who work during the day.

  • Tuition Information: State tuition applies. Covered by Financial Aid.
  • Additional Fees: $7 per credit technology fee.
  • Technology requirements: Access to IBM–compatible or Macintosh computer with an Internet Explorer or Firefox browser, connection to the internet and an e–mail account.


Online Courses Textbook Information (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is intended to provide more information about Online Courses at Seattle Central.

How do I login to my online course?

Please see Canvas Login Instructions.

Where can I find a list of the textbooks that I will need and where can I purchase them?

Textbooks may be purchased at the Seattle Central Bookstore in person or online. Please see Textbook Information—Online Courses.

Where do I find the due dates for the completion of my lessons and examinations?

The due dates (for you to complete your examinations) are located in your Online course. The due dates (for submitting lessons and completing your examinations) are located in the syllabus of your video Online course. Please refer to your Online course syllabus for specifics.

How do I become enrolled in an online course and how long do I have to complete that course?

Payment of tuition and fees enrolls a student in an online course for a period of one quarter. Students who do not complete the course in one quarter will receive a decimal grade of 0.0 or a non–traditional letter grade at the discretion of the instructor.

What are the criteria for completing an online course?

In order to successfully complete an online course in one quarter, you will be required to submit your assignments by a specified date. The due dates are outlined in each course. Assignments not submitted/uploaded by the due date deadline will receive a deduction of points at the discretion of the instructor.

Assignments submitted/uploaded more than one week late without prior approval from your instructor will not receive credit, but may be reviewed at the instructor's option. Examinations may be required for specific courses.

How do I notify the Distance Education and e–Learning program of a change in my address?

It is the responsibility of the student to inform the College of his/her current address. If you have changed your address, pick up a Change Form or contact the Seattle Central Distance Education and e–Learning program. Delivery of mail to the last address constitutes official notification to students.

What type of examinations am I required to take to receive academic credit as a Distance Education and e–Learning program student?

To receive academic credit for Distance Education and eLearning courses, students may be required to take exams. All assignments preceding the examinations must be submitted before exams are taken.

Online course exams will be administered via the internet. In the event that an unsupervised (non–proctored) exam is allowed, students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the honor system.

If I am unable to complete the course by the end of the quarter, is there a way that I may be granted an extension?

Students may be eligible for an extension providing they have completed half their coursework including the midterm exam.

Extension requests must be submitted to the Distance Education and e–Learning program at least ONE WEEK before the end of the quarter. Instructor's approval is required on all extension requests.

Students who receive an extension will have an "I" (Incomplete) grade on their transcripts until the course is successfully completed. Students have the following quarter to complete the class. There is a $50 administrative fee for all extension requests. Contact the Distance Education and e–Learning program for applicable forms fill out.

How do I get my grades and transcripts?

Seattle Central College utilizes a numerical grading system. Numerical grades may be considered equivalent to letter grades.

Students who complete a Distance Education and e–Learning program course may look up their grades via MyCentral.

To request an official transcript, please see the transcript pages.

What are the tuition refund policies for Online courses at Seattle Central?

For information please visit Tuition Refund section. Note: For Continuous Correspondence, Credit–By–Exam and Seminar courses, please see program information for tuition refund policies.

Where can I go to find additional resource materials related to the courses I am studying?

Students may access the Seattle College District Libraries/Distance Education and eLearning program website. If you have difficulty locating materials contact the DL office at 206.934.4060 / 800.510.1724.

What is the Honor System?

It is expected that each student will prepare his or her own lessons and that any lesson submitted will be the sole work of the student. Academic dishonesty, including cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information, will not be tolerated.