Student Web Accounts

All enrolled students can put web pages on our student web server. Here are the login details:

The server will create the folder for your web page when you first log into edison using FTP. You do not need to create a public_html directory. One is created for you when your account is created. The FTP server only allows you access to that directory, so everything you upload the edison ends up in that directory.

Your MySeattleColleges Login name is case sensitive. If your MySeattleColleges Login name is "Jane.Doe" you must type exactly "Jane.Doe" into your FTP client. Using "jane.doe" will not work.

If you were enrolled before the switch to MySeattleColleges Login (prior to Fall 2016) your old account is still available. Use the same username and password as before. You also have an MySeattleColleges Login account, so you have two accounts. The two accounts are not related or linked in any way. If you upload content to one account, it will not appear on the web site of the other account.

Creating Your Web Page

Use FTP to upload files to your web space.

  • The server is
  • You must use passive mode when connecting from the student net.
  • You will probably need to use passive mode from most other locations.

Tips and Guidelines

  • There must be either an index.html or a home.html file in your /public_html directory in order for the web site to work properly. This will be the first file to be displayed when the web site is viewed.
  • Do not put spaces in the names of your files. For example: a file named "my picture.html" should be renamed to "my_picture.html".
  • The web server is case sensitive. A web page named "my_picture.html" cannot be referenced by:
  • Only transfer files to your own web site (your public_html directory that you are logged into), any transfers attempted to other locations will be denied and logged.

How much space do I have?

All student web accounts have a quota of 100 megabytes.