Small Group Instructional Diagnosis

Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID) is a very constructive way for you to get feedback from your students about their learning experiences in your class and the effectiveness of your course, as taught.

The SGID is facilitated by a trained faculty colleague or counselor, in your absence distilling useful threads of information focusing around:

  • Your techniques which help students learn well in class.
  • Your techniques which are not as helpful to their learning well in class.
  • Their constructive suggestions for improvements in your class.
  • Feedback and common themes are presented to you afterwards in a meeting with your facilitator. You may design teaching changes, or not, as you see fit. Feedback is provided to you only and does not affect your tenure or other administrative evaluations.

How do I schedule an SGID?

You can request an SGID through your Division Office or through your Division Counselor.