In an effort to provide a full breadth of student support and retention, Seattle Central counselors are available to consult with faculty on both individual student situations and classroom management issues.

From time to time, instructors have students who are having trouble succeeding for a variety of reasons which may include personal issues, insufficient learning skills, learning disabilities or behavioral problems. You are encouraged to contact the counselor for your division to consult on strategies or resources to assist your student or mitigate the situation.

Student referral for counseling services

If circumstances seem to warrant, you may be encouraged to refer the student for individual counseling. While you can do this informally, if it seems critical or mandatory that the student see a counselor, it is useful to also use a "Student Referral for Counseling Services" form available from your division office.

Faculty should be fully aware of the Student Conduct Code which specifies classroom or campus behaviors subject to intervention or discipline. Your counselor can guide you in engaging the conduct policy and providing a beneficial and safe classroom environment. You can find a copy of the Student Conduct Code in the Student Handbook or your division.