To request Sign Language Interpreters for classes at Seattle Central or SVI: Deaf students must first sign up with the Disability Support Services (DSS) office in BE1112.

 Each quarter bring in or email a copy of one's registration form to Linda Bruton, Interpreter / Coordinator. Interpreters will then be assigned to applicable classes.

To request Sign Language Interpreters for all other events scheduled by Seattle Central, SVI or the Seattle Colleges District Office: such as meetings, outside of class activities, orientations, tests, registration, graduation and more, click on the Seattle Central Interpreter Request Form link in the side bar.

I Am Requesting an Interpreter For
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Please add any information that will help us find an appropriate interpreter for this event, e.g.; name of class , name of event , type of meeting, topic etc.
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List any additional dates, times, and room numbers for this request
List any specifc signed language request e.g. ASL, SEE, close visual or tactile signing.