Accessibility Resource Center Accommodation Complaint Form

This form is to report any issues or concerns regarding accommodations or accessibility in class or on the SCC campus.

If your complaint is regarding services provided by the ARC, please contact the Dean of Student Development Ricardo Leyva-puebla at with a detailed description of your complaint.

The complaint should include all details of the issue at hand, and the proposed outcome or resolution in response to the complaint. For questions about the process, please contact the ARC Office at (206)934-4183 or

  • Fill out Complaint Form and submit. The form will be sent directly to the ARC accommodation specialist.
  • The accommodation specialist will request to meet with you regarding the issue. If an agreement cannot be reached, the complaint will be forwarded to the Dean of Student Life and Engagement to assist in the process.

If a student has a grievance and would like to go outside the institution channels for resolution s/he may contact: United States Department of Education- Office of Civil Rights: 206-607-1600, FAX: 206-607-1601; TDD: 800-877-8339 or email

For more information on the complaint process, see the ARC Student Handbook page 12.