Student Testimonies

"With my 15 credits through SCC, I was able to register as a sophomore at the U."

"My teacher kept telling me it was a good idea to apply for credit at SCC. Lucky I did, those credits helped me to fulfill my college's elective requirements."

"When I transferred to a community college, it was easy to show my records from SCC."

"The credits I earned in HS for ASL paved the way for my acceptance in ASL 201 at SCC."

"The standards for credit at SCC were always on my mine, they nagged me to finish my homework and study for my tests!"

Teachers Testimonies

"I've been so happy with the information I've received through the consortium. I've used at least five of the power points and the ideas for lessons-- I'd never have found them in a book."

"The people at the meetings are always so helpful and encouraging. Sometimes I worry about my qualifications, but when I attend the meetings, I fit right in."

"I love the emails!"

"I feel bad for other subject areas that don't have a group like this one. It's amazing all the benefits, professionally and personally, that I get."