Step-by-Step procedures for obtaining Credits

Rules for submitting forms to obtain credits:

  1. Students are to complete three (3) forms. The students then send the forms to their teachers, not SCC.
  2. Teachers will verify the student's submitted forms, sign the forms, and grading.
  3. Teachers will submit three (3) completed forms as PDFs. Enrollment form must be as a single PDF, while the Request for Credit form and the Competency Profile form can be combined into a single PDF if desired. All PDFs are to be sent only to Barbara Hayes' SCC email.


  1. Complete the "Request for Credit" form: Fill out Section 1 on the top of the form. Email the form to your teacher to complete the Section 2.
  2. Complete the "Competency Profile Sheet" form: Fill out the top part (with exception the Instructor signature) and then do Part 2. Be sure to fill in ALL the information requested. Read the directions carefully and check if your points are at least 105 points for SCC credit.
  3. Complete the "Enrollment" form: Fill in ALL the information requested. Fill in only one ASL class. Choose your course number (121, 122, or 123). Don't forget your signature. SSN and SID MUST BE TYPED, NOT WRITTEN, AND BOTH CONTAIN NO DASHES. SID number is what you got from SCC in the past. Please do not mark on "Drop, Audit, or Waiver". Leave that area blank.


  1. Complete the "Request for Credit" form: Fill out Section 2 on the bottom of the form. Be sure to fill in ALL the information requested.
  2. Complete the "Competency Profile Sheet" form: On top, under Instructor Signature, sign your name. Fill out Part 1. Read the directions carefully and check the box for each component. For Part 2, instructor must verify the authenticity of the activities; and to check if at least 105 points are earned here.
  3. Email the three (3) forms to Did you sign each form? Is all information included?

The following forms with an asterisk (*) are required for obtaining credits.

Step-by-Step procedures for obtaining Transcripts


After you submit your credit application, you will receive your receipt from SCC. If you want your transcript, you can go online to view it or can order officially through the National Clearinghouse. Spring quarter: available end of June. Summer quarter: available end of August.

Students can view and print unofficial transcripts by logging into their account on the SCC website. Students can obtain official transcripts in the same manner as all SCC students by sending a transcript fee to the address listed on the SCC site link.

Important Note: The intent of this Articulation Agreement is to give recognition to college-level academic/professional/technical work completed in a high school program. The SCC credits awarded are considered by SCC to be equal in every way with credits earned through on-campus courses. No mark will appear on the transcripts to indicate that the credits were earned through an articulation process. However, it is the right of a higher education institution to determine whether or not the credits are transferable to their institution. It is strongly recommended that if students are planning to transfer the SCC credits to another higher education institution that they inquire to the institution regarding the status of these credits.