Students and Parents

FAQs for Students and Parents

What is this articulation agreement?

SCC has formed an alliance with high schools to award college-level credits to high school students enrolled in ASL courses at their high schools. Some stipulations exist such as the high school programs and instructors must be approved by SCC (see listing) and the high school students must meet eligibility requirements.

How does the student benefit?

The student earns both high school and college credit (dual credit) saving college tuition costs and saving time and energy with college studies.

The credits can be used to meet high school graduation requirements, to meet college entrance requirements, as college transfer credits, and to meet college graduation requirements (where applicable).

Many colleges and universities require a year of language study for a degree. These credits can apply towards this requirement. While most institutions will accept these credits, some may have restrictions. You are encouraged to contact the institutions regarding their policies.

How can I obtain credit and transcripts?

For credits and transcripts, click here for step-by-step procedures and more details.

Is ASL considered a foreign/world language?

By state statute ASL must be considered a world language in all public high schools. Likewise most public and private colleges and universities in Washington State recognize ASL as a world language (see listing). Many, if not most, post-secondary institutions throughout the United States recognize ASL as a world language.

Which colleges and universities will accept the SCC credits?

The credits are considered regular SCC credits. No distinction will be made between these credits and credits earned by students on our campus. In that regard all public post-secondary institutions, and most, if not all, private institutions accept SCC credits. It is recommended that you contact the institution to find out their policies regarding SCC credits in general as well as policies regarding world language studies.

How many credits can be earned?

Following Washington State guidelines, students can earn five college-level credits (the equivalent of one quarter) for each 1.0 high school credits (the equivalent of one year - though this varies for some high schools). Students can earn up to 15 credits (ASL 121, ASL 122, ASL 123) - the equivalent of one year of college-level language study.

Are there any costs?

There is a $35.00 fee for each five-credit ASL course. This is quite a savings if you consider that the tuition for a regular on-campus course at SCC is $370 with up to $38.00 in additional fees. A student can save over one thouusand dollars in college tuition if s/he takes full advantage of the articulation agreement.

Does the student have to attend SCC?

No. Participating students will be considered SCC students and will have a student record in the SCC database. Students will receive an unofficial transcript each time they apply for credit. Official transcripts will be provided upon request, as they are for all SCC students.

How does a student know if s/he is eligible to participate in the articulation agreement?

A student is eligible to participate if 1) their high school ASL program and their ASL instructor are approved by SCC; 2) the student receives a "B" grade or better in their ASL course and 3) the student is assessed and approved by their high school instructor.

How is this different than the previous Tech-Prep articulation agreement?

In the past SCC had a "Tech-Prep" articulation agreement with high school districts. This agreement no longer exists and is being replaced by this current agreement. In most ways the two agreements are very similar. The two basic differences are 1) the current agreement is made with individual high schools and instructors must be approved; and 2) the credits are no longer tagged as "Tech-Prep" but are considered regular SCC credits.

Can a student get credit for past ASL classes?

Yes and No. For ASL classes taken prior to 2001-2002, you can receive Tech-Prep credits. Contact Barbara Cummins, Seattle Colleges Tech-Prep Office, (206) 587-4118. For ASL classes taken during 2001-2002 and beyond, students must apply for credit during the same academic year as the course they are enrolled in. No exceptions.