High School Counselors

We have provided the links below to easily access essential Running Start resources.

  • Enrollment packet: this packet is for new Running Start students.
  • Enrollment Verification Form (EVF): this form is needed each quarter for every Running Start student.
  • Fee waiver form: students who qualify for the free or reduced lunch program at their high school may have their fees waived and are able to borrow text books by completing this form and submitting it to the Running Start office.

Enrollment Verification Form (EVF) and Course Selection

  • Classes needed to satisfy high school graduation requirements should be listed first on the EVF. Leaving graduation requirements to the last quarter before graduation may prevent participation in high school commencement because the high school will not have sufficient time to verify completion of required courses.
  • Fifth Year seniors may enroll in Running Start but may only enroll in classes that meet high school graduation requirements and must have previously been enrolled as a Running Start student.
  • If a student is simultaneously enrolled in more than one college, a separate EVF must be completed for each school. The student must inform the Running Start office if they are enrolled in more than one college.
  • Running Start EVF example


Students needing reasonable accommodations provided by an IEP or 504 plan must contact the Accessibility Resource Center office at the college on a quarterly basis.

The Accessibility Resource Center may be reached by email or phone: