All-Gender and Gender Neutral Restrooms

Seattle Central College strives to create a welcoming and accessible learning environment for all students. For trans-identified students and those who identify outside the gender binary, the college provides all-gender/gender neutral restrooms at the specified locations.

Broadway-Edison Building (BE)  

  • Restrooms (multi-stall layout) are located on fourth floor, directly across from room BE4138. 
  • Restrooms (multi-stall layout) are located on third floor, directly across from BE3138
  • Additional restrooms (single-stall) on third floor are directly across from rooms BE3215 and BE3216.  
  • A restroom (with two-stalls) is located on second floor at the north end of the building, near room BE2122.
  • One all-gender changing room (single occupancy) is located on second floor at the north end of the building, near room BE2122. Note: this all-gender changing room is designated for use by Seattle Culinary Academy students.
  • Additional restrooms (multi-stall layout) are located on second floor in the library (south end of building).
    • Note: There are also two all-gender restrooms (single stall) designated for staff in the library.

Mitchell Activity Center (MAC) / Student Leadership

  • Restrooms (single-stall) are near the main elevator on first floor (lower level) of the south part of the building complex (below the student leadership offices).     

Please note: Street/ground level is considered second floor. Access these restrooms via the MAC only; there is no restroom or elevator access in the bookstore, and there is currently no elevator access from Student Leadership

Science and Math Building (SAM)

  • Restroom (single-stall) is located on second floor in room 203-A on the north end of the building.

Fine Arts Building (FA)

  • Restrooms (four single-stall) are located on the first floor (lower level). These restrooms are available for use by theatre students and are accessed through changing rooms 115-118 at the east end of the building.

Erickson Theatre

  • Restrooms (multi-stall layout) are available on the first floor off the lobby on the south end of the building.

Refer to the map below.             
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All Gender Restroom Central campus