Get Out the Vote

Voter Registration

Please be on the look out for tables on campus with information about how to register to vote, how to track your ballot, and more.

Save our Democracy

Seattle Colleges faculty and staff have planned non-partisan educational activities for students in the months leading up to the 2024 Presidential elections which will be held in November. These Save our Democracy events are part of a broader get-out-the-vote initiative, which encourages active participation in the voting process.

Winter Quarter

The first event, held on Thursday, February 27 discussed what democracies are and included references to scholarly and everyday writings from both sides of the aisle. 

Spring Quarter

While winter quarter's meeting was led by faculty and staff, spring quarter's Save our Democracy event will be student led. During normal classwork, students will be able to complete assignments in a way that recognizes the threats to our democracy in this 2024 election. 

For example:

  • An English assignment can lead to a poem or essay related to the need to protect our democracy against authoritarianism
  • An apparel design or desktop publishing assignment could include productions depicting threats to US democracy
  • A math or science problem that may include information such as the 230 years of our federal republic, over 57 successive presidential elections, and 46 different people successfully transitioning into office

Please stay tuned for examples of student work as spring quarter progresses.

Attention Students

Talk to your professors about adjusting an assignment so you can show how the results of the 2024 US Presidential election could threaten democracy. Submit a completed assignment or pictures of it between May 3 - May 17.

Win a $100 prize, a letter of appreciation for your resume, and an opportunity to present your work campus-wide.

For questions and submissions, please contact the Save Our Democracy Committee. Email or