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QELP Data Master List

Set #   Title   Categories Date
DataSet#001   Puget Sound Butter Clams Length v. Width   (Linear Scatterplot | Ecology ) 10/01/00
DataSet#002   Puget Sound Butter Clams Length/Width Ratios   (Histogram | Ecology) 10/01/00 
DataSet#003   RCRA Waste Per Person   (Histogram | Solid Waste) 10/01/00 
DataSet#004   Size v. Velocity of Suspended Sediments   (Power Scatterplot | Planet Earth) 10/01/00 
DataSet#005   San Diego Ozone   (Histogram | Air Pollution) 10/01/00 
DataSet#006   PM10 and Mortality   (Bar Chart | Air Pollution) 10/01/00 
DataSet#007   Population of  England and Wales (1700 to present)   (Logistic Scatterplot | Populations) 10/01/00 
DataSet#008   Reservoir Levels in Western States (12/31/98)   (Histogram | Water Resources) 10/01/00 
DataSet#009   Sunflower Height Over Time   (Logistic Scatterplot | Ecology) 10/01/00 
DataSet#010   Columbia River Velocities   (Histogram | Planet Earth) 10/01/00 
DataSet#011   Columbia River Velocity v. Depth   (Linear Scatterplot | Water Resources) 10/01/00 
DataSet#012   Ozone Depleting Substances v. Time   (Bivariate Scatterplot | Air Pollution) 10/01/00 
DataSet#013   Soil Density and Clear-Cut Logging   (Histograms | Forests) 10/24/00
DataSet#014   Electric Power Plant CO2 Output v. Energy Input   (Linear Scatterplot | Energy) 10/01/00 
DataSet#015   Yellowstone Bison v. Time   (Logistic Scatterplot | Populations) 10/01/00
DataSet#016   Mauna Loa CO2 (1974-1985)   (Linear, Periodic Scatterplot  | Air Pollution) 10/01/00 
DataSet#017   Mammal Brain v. Body Weights   (Power Scatterplot | Ecology) 10/01/00 
DataSet#018   Alternative Fueled Vehicles in Use v. Time   (Linear Scatterplot | Energy ) 10/01/00 
DataSet#019   US Population v. Time (1790-1940)   (Logistic Scatterplot | Populations) 10/01/00 
DataSet#020   Mt. St. Helen's Dome Height v. Time   (Power Scatterplot | Hazards) 10/01/00 
DataSet#021   Lead Concentrations in Spokane River Fish   (Histogram | Water Pollution) 10/01/00 
DataSet#022   Lead v. Zinc Concentrations in Spokane R. Fish   (Linear Scatterplot | Water Pollution) 10/01/00 
DataSet#023   Spokane R. Trout Biometrics   (Exponential Scatterplot | Ecology) 10/01/00 
DataSet#024   Earth's Atmosphere: Pressure v. Altitude   (Exponential Scatterplot | Planet Earth) 11/10/00
DataSet#025   Earth's Atmosphere: Temperature v. Altitude   (Linear Scatterplot | Planet Earth) 11/10/00
DataSet#026   Earth's Atmosphere: Humidity v. Temperature   (Exponential Scatterplot | Planet Earth) 11/20/00
DataSet#027   Nitrates in Mississippi R. Tributaries   (Linear Scatterplot | Water Pollution) 10/24/00
DataSet#028   Sacramento Valley Runoff v. Rainfall   (Linear Scatterplot | Water Resources) 10/24/00
DataSet#029   Swedish Agriculture Harvest v. Nitrogen Input   (Power Scatterplot | Agriculture) 10/01/00 
DataSet#030   Swedish Agriculture Nitrogen Input v. Time   (Linear, Exponential Scatterplots | Agriculture) 10/01/00 
DataSet#031   US Population Pyramid - Year 2000   (Histograms | Populations) 11/10/00
DataSet#032   Mexico's Population Pyramid - Year 2000   (Histograms | Populations) 11/10/00
DataSet#033   Germany's Population Pyramid - Year 2000   (Histograms | Populations) 12/01/00
DataSet#034   Distribution of Bird Bill Ratios   (Histograms | Ecology) 11/20/00
DataSet#035   MBTE v. Benzene in Groundwater   (Other Bivariate | Water Pollution) 11/10/00
DataSet#036   Gas Mileage vs Engine Size   (Power Scatteplot | Energy) 12/01/00
DataSet#037   Common Risks in the U.S.   (Bar Chart Univariate | Hazards) 12/04/00
DataSet#038   Oregon Waste v. Population   (Linear Scatterplot | Solid Waste) 01/22/01
DataSet#039   Earthquakes v. Time   (Histograms | Hazards) 01/22/01
DataSet#040   Washington Stream Temperatures   (Histograms | Water Quality) 01/22/01
DataSet#041   Velocity v. Discharge - Soos Creek, WA   (Power Scatterplot | Water Resources) 01/22/01
DataSet#042   New Hampshire Energy Consumption   (Periodic Scatterplot | Energy) 02/06/01
DataSet#043   Hydropower Production v. Water Use   (Power Scatterplot | Energy) 02/06/01
DataSet#044   Terminus Retreat of the Rainbow Glacier   (Linear Scatterplot | Water Resources) 03/03/01
DataSet#045   Cows and Fecal Coliform   (Exponential Scatterplot | Water Pollution) 03/03/01
DataSet#046   Mt. St. Helens Sediment and Precipitation   (Other Bivariate | Hazards) 03/03/01
DataSet#047   Lake Washington Bacteria Counts   (Linear Scatterplot | Water Pollution) 03/03/01
DataSet#048   New York Temperature v. Time   (Linear Scatterplot | Air Pollution) 03/03/01
DataSet#049   Reading, PA Precipitation   (Histogram | Water Resources) 10/30/10
DataSet#050   US Historic Temperature and Precipitation Data   (Other Bivariate | Air Pollution, Water Resources) 05/16/16 
DataSet#051   Intentional Earth Moved by Humanity   (Exponential Scatterplot | Ecology) 03/03/01
DataSet#052   Gravel in Rural v. Urban Streams   (Histogram | Ecology) 03/03/01
DataSet#053   Lake Superior: Ice v. Temperature   (Other Bivariate | Water Resources) 08/20/01
DataSet#054   Lead in CRTs   (Histogram | Solid Waste) 08/20/01
DataSet#055   Washington State Oil Recycling   (Histogram | Solid Waste) 08/20/01
DataSet#056   Tree Ring Widths in a Douglas Fir   (Exponential Scatterplot | Forests) 08/20/01
DataSet#057   Normally Distributed Wing Lengths   (Histograms | Ecology) 09/18/01
DataSet#058   Florida Broiler Farm Pollution   (Linear Scatterplot | Water Pollution) 08/20/01
DataSet#059   Normal Distribution of Wheat Yields   (Histograms | Agriculture) 08/20/01
DataSet#060   USFS Fire Fighting Costs   (Other Bivariate | Forests) 08/20/01
DataSet#061   Logging and Stream Discharge   (Other Bivariate | Forests) 08/20/01
DataSet#062   Dungeness Crab Population   (Periodic Scatterplot | Populations) 08/20/01
DataSet#063   Solar Cell Capacity v. Time   (Exponential Scatterplot | Energy) 08/28/01
DataSet#064   Oil Discovered v. Wells Drilled   (Other Bivariate | Energy) 08/28/01
DataSet#065   Natural Gas Storage v. Time   (Periodic Scatterplot | Energy) 08/28/01
DataSet#066   Gas Storage Capacity v. Time   (Logistic Scatterplot | Energy) 08/28/01
DataSet#067   UK Oil Spills   (Power Scatterplot | Water Pollution) 09/18/01
DataSet#068   Petroleum Spills in Washington State   (Histograms | Water Pollution) 09/18/01
DataSet#069   Carbon Monoxide in Spokane, WA   (Periodic Scatterplot | Air Pollution) 09/18/01
DataSet#070   US Atlantic Hurricanes: 1851-2000   (Histograms | Hazards) 09/18/01
DataSet#071   Raging River Discharge   (Exponential Scatterplot | Water Resources) 09/18/01
DataSet#072   Cerro Negro Eruption History   (Linear Scatterplot | Hazards) 11/12/01
DataSet#073   Distance v. Age for Hawai'i-Emperor Chain   (Linear Scatterplot | Planet Earth) 11/12/01 
DataSet#074   New Madrid Earthquakes   (Power Scatterplot | Hazards)  11/12/01 
DataSet#075   DDT v. DDE in Breast Milk   (Other Bivariate | Water Pollution)  04/03/02 
DataSet#076   Biometrics of Douglas Fir  

(Other Bivariate | Forests) 

DataSet#077   Urbanization Effects on Streams   (Linear Scatterplot | Ecology)  05/03/02 
DataSet#078   Mauna Loa CO2 (1958-2010)   (Exponential, Periodic Scatterplot  | Air Pollution) 11/10/11